Winnipeg Film Group: Now accepting Submissions/Applications for the WFG's MFM Production Fund!, Deadline November 8

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The Winnipeg Film Group is pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions/applications for the MFM Production Fund!

The Winnipeg Film Group's MFM PRODUCTION FUND is designed to assist Winnipeg Film Group members in the development of their artistic careers by providing support towards the production of film projects in the form of cash and services awards.

This award fund is geared to filmmakers who have made at least one independent production (on film, video or digital media) as director or as the primary artist/creator.

The submission process for the Winnipeg Film Group's Fund programs has moved to an online system, accessible via the submissions page.

Thanks to the valuable support of MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC for nearly 20 years we have been able to assist more than 200 Manitoba filmmakers create, market, and screen their films through our various Funds.

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