The Official Rule Of Serving a Ball In Tennis?



United States Tennis Association rules will be in effect with the following exceptions:

Doubles teams will consist of two players, in co-rec (mixed doubles) matches, it shall be one man and one woman.

Players must bring their own tennis racquets. If any player does not have a racquet, one can be checked out from the Equipment Issue Desk at the Campus Recreation Center prior to their scheduled match time. Each singles participant or doubles team must bring a new (unopened) can of tennis balls to each match or purchase a can of tennis balls from the supervisor on site for $4. Players must wear tennis or court shoes.

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General Rules

Choice of side and right to be server or receiver shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The player winning the toss may choose:
A. to serve or receive, or
B. the side of the court.
Matches will consist of one pro-set. A match is won by the first player or team to win 8 games. A player must win by 2 games to win the match. If the set becomes tied at 8, a tie breaker will determine the match. A tie break is won by the first person to reach 7 points. Players alternate serve after every odd point.
A game is won by the first/player or team to win 4 points.
No-ad scoring will be used for all matches. If the score is tied at three points for each player or team, the next point wins the game. Scoring
15 1 point
30 2 points
40 3 points
Game 4 points

A one hour time limit is in effect for all matches. At one hour, whoever is ahead is winner. The time limit will be lifted for all semi-final and final matches.
Server shall project ball by hand into the air in any direction and before it hits the ground strike it with his/her racquet; the delivery shall be completed at the moment of impact of the racquet and the ball.
The server may not serve until the receiver is ready.
At the end of the first game the receiver shall become the server and the server, the receiver. Players will switch sides after each odd numbered game, i.e. 1, 3, 5.
Service is a let:
A. When the ball served touches the net, strap, or band and still lands in the appropriate service court.
B. If a service or a fault is delivered when the receiver is not ready.
C. A let may be called by either player during a point if a foreign object (i.e. ball) enters the court. The point shall be replayed.
In the case of a let, that particular service shall not count, and the server shall serve again.
Players are to respect all opponents calls of in or out. If in doubt whether a ball is in or out, a player should always give the opponent the favorable call.

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Doubles Service
The order of serving should be decided before the beginning of the first game.

The pair serving in the first game of the match shall decide which partner shall do so.
The opposing pair should also decide who is going to serve in the second game.
The partner of the player who served in the first game shall serve in the third game; the partner of the player who served in the 2nd game shall serve in the 4th game.
In delivering the service, the server shall stand alternately behind the right and left courts, beginning from the right in every game.
If service from the wrong half of the court occurs and is undetected, all play resulting from such wrong service and services shall stand, but the inaccuracy of the station shall be corrected upon discovery.
The ball shall pass over the net and hit the ground within the service court which is diagonally opposite, or upon any line bounding such court before the receiver returns the serve.